DO BUSINESS NOW - We can arrange for a temporary office for you as soon as you make your purchase.

FLEXIBLE TERMS/SHOVEL READY- We own the land.  We have very flexible options for establishing payment terms for your purchase.

CAPITAL INVESTMENT TAX - A twenty-year annual income tax credit of up to 5 percent of initial capital costs is available for qualifying projects carried out by new and expanding companies.

PROPERTY TAX ABATEMENT - Abatements are available to qualified new and expanding industries for non-educational taxes on equipment and buildings for a period of up to ten years.

SALES AND USE TAX ABATEMENT -  Abatements are available to qualified new and expanding industries for non-educational taxes on construction materials and equipment used in manufacturing.

CORPORATE INCOME TAX CREDIT AND DEDUCTION - These are available for Alabama Corporate taxpayers.

INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT GRANT PROGRAM - State grants help pay for site preparation costs for property owned by public corporations, including municipalities, industrial development boards, etc.

INDUSTRIAL REVENUE BONDS - Bonds may be used as long-term financing of up to 100 percent of a project for acquisition of land, buildings, site preparation and improvements; Construction of buildings; Acquisitions and installation of furnishings, fixtures and equipment; and soft costs.



·  Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) – is the only ISO 9002-Certified training program in the U.S. AIDT services include recruitment, assessment and training of potential employees, development and production of job-related training materials, provision of training facilities, and delivery of job-specific services, provided at no cost to eligible new and expanding industries.  AIDT consistently ranks among the top workforce training programs in the U.S. ·  Trenholm State Technical College ·  Elmore County Technical Center ·  Auburn University College of Engineering 
· Central Alabama Community College (CACC)


The greater Tallassee Civilian Labor Force is 34,340 people strong. Tallassee’s workforce consists primarily of residents from Elmore County.  A significant portion of the city’s workforce is made up of residents from the adjoining counties and the Montgomery MSA (Metropolitan Statical Area) (total population 366,486). Alabama is a “Right-to-Work” state. The workforce in our seven county area is one of the most educated demographics in the state.  We attract employees from Tallassee, Auburn, Montgomery, Wetumpka, Eclectic, Reeltown, Notasulga, Red Hill, Shorter, Tuskegee and Union Springs. Our communities are very academically driven.  Many of these communities have a large population of college-educated individuals. Because of the abundance of institutions of higher learning that are at our disposal, educational opportunities are readily available for anyone interested in expanding their skill sets. Everyone benefits from these opportunities!